The Long

Catching Big Waves

with Small Blades

Welcome to the LWA Lab

Here you will be able to access the LWAdb database of observations and the status of all LWA stations.

Observation Database

The observation database provides a listing of all observations done with the LWA. The database is updated daily by our robotic telescope overlord.

DRSU Database

The DRSU database is used to keep track of data files when they are recorded out at the site, copied to local storage, and distributed to users.

Operator Screen

The operator screen provides an overview of the health of each LWA station and what the station is currently observing.

More Information

More information about the LWA can be found on the main project page. This page also contains information about proposing to use the telescope. The LWA Data archive can be found at this page.

LWA Users Computing Facility

We provide computing support for users of LWA through the LWA Users Computing Facility. The cluster status screen provides an overview of the current load and disk space available on the cluster.

Internal Pages

Several internal pages are hosted here as well. They are the operator shifts page, the DokuWiki, and the phpMyAdmin page. The Long Wavelength Science Consortium Wiki and LWA OpenProject page are hosted separately.

Partner Institutions

The LWA Project includes several institutions. The founding LWA members are the University of New Mexico and the Los Alamos National Laboratory in partnership with the Naval Research Laboratory. Virginia Tech and University of Iowa joined the LWA Project in July 2007 and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory joined in September 2008.

  • University of New Mexico
  • Naval Research Laboratory
  • University of Iowa
  • Virginia Tech
  • Los Alamos National Lab
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory